Engaging the Landscape with Turner Vinson

Join artist, Turner Vinson, for an exciting three days of painting on location in the Tubac, Arizona area. The most rewarding aspect of painting on location is the one on one interaction the artist receives with nature, something a photograph simply doesn’t offer. In this workshop, Turner will explain how he approaches every location and looks for ways he can personally engage with the landscape. He will focus on how to visualize your painting before you begin and how to move beyond simply copying the landscape in order to create engaging paintings. Turner will do a demonstration painting each day and spend ample time one on one with each student.

March 2,3 & 4  $375

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Turner Vinson

Turner Vinson


Turner Vinson graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and immediately following graduation began a two year apprenticeship with impressionist oil painter, Gary Holland, in Boise, Idaho. Turner developed a deep love and enthusiasm for painting on location and has been passionately painting all over the country for the past 6 years. Turner’s goal as an artist is simple: to represent the world that is around him. He often finds inspiration in his own backyard, in a family member’s gaze, or in the neighborhood he lives in. An important factor in Turner’s painting process is working directly from life. The time invested in each location provides a deep connection, understanding, and experience that he strives to communicate in each painting. Be sure to check out his monthly video newsletter where he is currently giving away a free painting each month for 2017. http://www.TurnerVinson.com

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