Bravura Brush and Palette Knife with Roger Alderman

Learn to paint in a loose, bright and bold style in this 6 weeks one day a week workshop
Using photographs as a reference you will learn how to create an oil painting that expresses your inner passion and joy de verve.  Knowing how to start an oil painting and when to call it finished are important to creating a
successful work of art.  The emphasis will be on making an expressive, well-composed painting, rich with color and bravura brush and palette knife work.

This course is designed for any skill level from beginner to advanced and will begin with the fundamentals of understanding a landscape and creating a compelling composition.  Learn color mixing, value and temperature control using a simplified outdoor palette.  The paint application is important in this workshop and you will learn how to use a brush and palette knife in developing your style.

Each day will begin with a painting demonstration.  Expect to create a painting a day with lots of personal instruction at the easel.  Come prepared to have fun and discover the joy of making art.

December 8,9 &10

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Roger Alderman


Roger Alderman Fine Art Instructor www.tubacschooloffineartllc.comRoger Alderman

I love the landscape of the West and my work is an emotional response to what I see. I am a contemporary landscape painter grounded in the Expressionist and Impressionist tradition.  My work builds on that tradition through the expressive power of paint applied with brushes and palette knives.   My painting is formed by years of observing and painting the landscape on location en plein air.  I work directly in oil paint outdoors and in the studio creating a contemporary and colorful interpretation of the landscape and architecture of the American Southwest.  I love the beauty of these Western States and I am always looking for the visual poetry that says stop and paint.

See more of Roger’s work at

Roger Alderman is an excellent painting teacher.  His teaching techniques 
include numerous painting demonstrations.  While Roger paints he is able to 
clearly articulate thoughts and feelings concerning color, temperature, and 
value unique to the outdoor palette.  because Roger has been painting outdoors 
for over 25 years, he is able to communicate in such a way that takes the 
mystery out of organizing the outdoor composition,  He is well read and has 
taken master plein air workshops and relates these concepts in a helpful way.  
Roger has a relaxed manner of teaching and uses positive and encouraging 
comments.  I would highly recommend taking a Roger Alderman workshop whether you 
are a plein air artist, or a studio painter interested in bringing the great 
outdoors indoors”.  

Patty M

I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop.  None of the ladies in my 
regular art class…could believe I had actually done three paintings in three 
days…. Thanks, 


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