Oil Painting Foundations

Wednesday Mornings

Beginning January 17, 2017 

$ 45/weekly


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Leslie Miller

Leslie Miller

Director & Instructor

Leslie Miller -Instructor-Tubac School Of Fine Art LLC [/caption]

The beauty of God’s creation is my inspiration. I see His animals as a blessing, an example of The Creator’s love.

When watching animals, I get lost, mesmerized by their expressions. I see into the soul of the subject.

The rubout technique I practice builds a foundation by applying a solid background and rubbing out the lighter values with a cloth or adding paint to create darker values.

In my paintings, I strive to express the blessings the animals share with me.

Learn more by visiting my website lesliemillerfineart.com

This artist is amazing! An extreme talent, intelligence, empathy, and creativity.
I highly recommend any class she offers.
A VIBRANT teacher and a person, you can always learn something new from.
She shares it all! The real deal!

It’s good to say that after a week I’m still excited about your workshop.   I learned many things.  You included a nice overview of basics and helped me understand the power of transparent oils and explore underpainting. Thank you for sharing your approach.   I just wish that there was a way to continue to paint with you!!  It’s inspiring and your comments were always helpful.
Mary Jo

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