Abstract Expressionism for Kids

Children will learn about different artist’s abstract methods by hearing about the artist and how the artist’s method came to be. Children will then be able to select colors of their own choosing and utilize the method shown. For the first class, children will learn the artistic style of Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist, which is known as “throwing paint”. In this class, children will choose a few colors and put each color into cans or cups. Then, they will throw each color, one at a time, onto the fabric, canvas or other materials chosen for the class. The children will be able to see how the colors they chose blend together. Learning about different artists and their methods will enable the children to gain knowledge about the art world. We may even see some aspiring artists in the class.

Jan 20, 27 and Feb 3- 9am-12pm- $50

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Leandra Fergus

Leandra Fergus


Leandra is a retired elementary school teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience who has a passion for art. Leandra has extensive knowledge of many artists and their method of artwork. She has studied art abroad and will bring her experience and expertise of a variety of artists and their works of art to children in the community. Leandra resides in Green Valley, Arizona, but spends a lot of time in Tubac where she has family. Leandra is excited to introduce children to the wonderful world of art and allowing children to experiment with different kinds of art work using a variety of materials such as fabric and canvas, just to name a few. Leandra looks forward to being a part of the Tubac community through the art program.

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