Expressive Painting & Mixed Media Techniques

Intuition is the ability to grasp something immediately, without conscious reasoning. Intention has an aim, a plan.
The spaces between are where the delicate balance between intuition and intention meet creating an individual flow of creative momentum. This space is not forced but cultivated.
We will explore our deep knowing and reservoir of images through guided imagery, meditation, and stilling the body.
Through a series of gestural exercises and learned techniques, projects, and conversation we will practice finding and working the space between.
We will meet Thursday evening for a meet and greet and prepare the way for a three-day art practice- meeting 10:30- 4:30. No experience necessary- just a curious mind.

March 16, 17 & 18


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Lauren Mantecon MFA, was formally a professor of art at the University of
Portland. Her work has shown extensively in galleries, museums and private
collections across the U.S including New York and Mexico. She has been awarded
numerous art fellowships.She is currently represented by Friesen Gallery in
Ketchum, Idaho and Muse Gallery in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Columbus,
Ohio.Lauren currently has a vigorous studio practice in Santa Fe and maintains Mantecon Studio- a classroom where she hosts visiting artists as well as offering workshops and classes.

Breathe new life and expansion into your creative artistic lens….immerse yourself for an afternoon or for a few days within the bright uplifting ambiance of Lauren Mantecon’s art studio and Lauren’s masterful art instruction, offering a unique and exciting range of mixed media applications and hands-on processes for your enjoyment, regardless of your previous art experience. Elizabeth Pinson, Santa Fe

Elizabeth Pinson, Santa Fe

Lauren is a true pro at what she does and how she instructs. Through the years, I have studied painting yet of late, have become increasingly interested in mixed media work. Lauren has given me new insight as to the mixed media process as well as the many materials one can use in the correct order/fashion — yet her style is free which I love and greatly appreciated during the workshop. Beyond that, she pushed me to think about my artistic approach and perhaps more importantly, to hone in on my personal desires as to what I want to communicate to my viewer. There’s nothing like an objective viewpoint.
I would highly recommend Lauren’s workshop – aside from her obvious talent and skills, she is delightful. Thank you Lauren!
Jazz, Pennington, New Jersey
Jazz, Pennington, New Jersey

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