Pocket Sketching for Fun and Travel

The equipment is so compact no one notices you, and it’s so portable you can use it hiking, biking, at the opera and on airport layovers.  No mess.  No clean-up. And you are totally, mindfully involved.

We begin indoors with sensible basics:  the perspective of contrast, color, focal point and linear perspective while you easily learn watercolor because of the water soluble pen. With focal point exercises, you learn how to filter in what caught your eye and leave out all that confusing ‘stuff’, getting the ‘magic’ that caught your eye.  (You can replace the un-feeling, un-imaginative camera with personal involvement!)

When we go outdoors ‘plein air’, you gain the confidence to go anywhere, work in public fearlessly and complete memorable sketches in 25 minutes or less.

Perfect for beginners and for professional artists who want portability, speed and no clean-up.

Learn enough to play for a lifetime!


March 23,24 & 25 $325.00

additional supply fee $42.00

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Kath Macaulay

Workshop Instructor

Kath Macaulay Artist- Pocket Sketching Workshop Instructor Tubac School of Fine Art LLCOpal Berry was a fantastic art teacher in junior high.  My B.S. in biology was from Oregon State Univ. and, other than two horrible art classes in college, I had no instruction until four master mentors, Carl Cogar, Las Cruces, NM, Bob Blair, Buffalo, NY, Nick Brigante, Los Angeles, CA and Bong Wai Chen, Portland, OR.  I’ve been an agent for 12 artists, competed nationally in both oil and watercolor, and had multiple high quality one person shows.

I discovered the technique for Pocket Sketching on a long painting trip, have trademarked it and have taught it across the U.S. including the Chautauqua Institute and the International Center for Watercolor, both in New York.

The technique is the easiest, quickest entry into watercolor.

The equipment fits in a pocket or fanny pack and can be used anywhere such as hiking, biking, sauntering, standing in line, fearlessly in public.  You can catch what you think you see in 25 minutes or less, fold everything up in seconds, and move on with no mess and no clean-up.

Why do I love to teach this?  Because it changes lives, ends frustration, and goes anywhere.

Learn enough to play for a lifetime.

You can learn about Kath and her art on her website.

One of the most positive experiences I have ever had.  For four days not a negative, angry remark.  You are too fabulous!  Thank you. Nancy O’Connor

A remarkably comprehensive workshop.  I loved every day and learned more watercolor techniques and tips than I’ll ever use.  Amazing! Bo Makison

I loved the class.  I’ve been wanting to take a class like that for years, so that I can keep a tiny pad always on me.  Thank you. Tina Stanley

I tried a watercolor class before and I left thinking watercolor wasn’t for me.  Kath’s workshop changed my mind.  Really well organized, fun.  We learned a ton.


Bob Collins

My favorite evaluation so far came from Suzi, a guest at Canyon Ranch in Tucson after an hour and a half overview of the workshop.  She had previously registered in 6 watercolor workshops nationally, flying to each with hotel reservations, only to stay a few days in each and leave in total frustration: “You just changed my life!  I can do this!!!!!”



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