Foundational Drawing

This class is an introduction to drawing using a grid system. The grid is a highly efficient tool for learning to draw accurately and was widely used by most renowned artists such as Michaelangelo, Vermeer, and Dürer. Once you understand the benefits of this tool, you’ll be liberated from the initial anxiety of “I have to get this right” thinking that can stifle the creative process of many artists.

Thursdays Mornings 9 am $45

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John Marbury

John Marbury


As a young man, I left my home in New Mexico and headed east to Boston, Massachusetts. to attend a small art school: Vesper George School of Art.  While there I was introduced to Robert Douglas Hunter, a prominent New England artist. I studied under Hunter for 5 years. I also studied with a prominent artist, Robert Cormier until leaving Boston in 1978 and returning to New Mexico.
The responsibility of raising 6 children forced me to put my artistic endeavors aside for many years. In 2005 my wife and I relocated to Tubac Az. to assist my mother, a long time resident and patron of the Arts.. I have been able to resume my latent yearning to paint and have found Tubac to be most inspiring. In 2013 I received the peoples choice award at Tubac Center for he Arts. I work in my studio/gallery located at El Presidito Studio complex in the “old Town” section of Tubac. This is also the location of the Tubac School of Fine Art.
See more of John’s work here.

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