Watercolor Intensive With Jim Petty

The subject matter will be a painting of a cactus. The reference will be a closeup, not a full landscape.
Our goal will be to complete a painting in this session.
A critique of your painting will be part of this class.
Jim will demonstrate a section, then you will repeat this step by step paint-along process.
A supply list and reference photo will be sent upon sign up of the class.

December 12, 8 am- 4 pm $175

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Jim Petty

Jim Petty


A Nationally known painter, Jim Petty’s work is in collections from Florida to California. His style and subject matter transcend that of regional artists; his paintings feel at home in Minnesota or Arizona.

A Word from the Artist…..

I began my interest in art as a youngster growing up in Minnesota. Following high school, I entered Mankato State University and then Mankato Tech. I joined a large company in Minnesota as a designer of scholastic products. In 1981, I began building a design career in Advertising. While vacationing in New Mexico, I knew that I would one day live and paint there. For almost five years, I lived in Northern New Mexico between Santa Fe and Taos on the San Juan Reservation, which was an ongoing spiritual adventure.

Painting in watercolor has been in my blood since I was a student and saw a book showing Andrew Wyeth’s work. I couldn’t help but be shaped by those early images of quiet, reflective settings and people. I wanted to capture places deep in the soul that allow the viewer to go through the process of introspection. Making paintings that depict people and places in a realistic way always fascinated me. Taking a blank, white surface and filling it with a realistic image that evokes a feeling in the viewer is my goal. A strong mood is always present in my paintings. I want to leave the viewer with the impression of a story being told, whether a figure is in the painting or you have the sense that someone has just been there.

Jim lives in Green Valley, AZ and showcases his work in Stone House of Tubac; A gallery he and his wife opened in 2012. During the summer months, they travel to other states to do artistic projects and fine art.

To view Jim’s work, visit http://www.stonehouseoftubac.com

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