Mixed Up

Students often struggle to find the “right” color. They know what they want but mixing it is another matter. Color isn’t the most important element of a painting but it helps to mix the colors you want!

By evaluating color temperature, value, light and intensity, you will more likely paint what you intend— And we need to train our eyes to see, so we won’t be using photographs. Each class will start with a demo.

Pallet knives provide texture, color “crispness” and expression.  It is another approach to finding one’s “calligraphy”.  Color can be applied many ways- this is just another way.  Let’s try it!

As any good cook knows it is all about the right ingredients in the right amounts, mixed the right way.  THEN the artistry is in the presentation!

Class Begins

Tuesday November 21, 2017 $200



One of the biggest complaints painters have is mixing colors that stay clean on their canvas. Students will learn how the pallet knife can achieve crisp, clean paintings, even when working alla prima (all at once). Most painters incorporate some pallet knife techniques, even if they prefer brushes overall. By identifying values and massing (blocking in) large shapes, students will see better results early on and spend less time “fixing” their work later. Adding deliberate texture or subduing texture throughout the process will be discussed. These strategies combined with good elements make for more confident, successful paintings.

Workshop dates April 6, 7 & 8



Barbara Mulleneaux


Barbara Mulleneaux Workshop Instructor Tubac School of Fine Art LLCIn 1994 I moved to Arizona with my husband and two young children from Los Angeles. I had always dabbled in art but not in college!
I wanted to brush up on drawing skills and took classes at the Tucson Museum of Art, followed by painting classes. Then I started working in an open studio setting until my teacher “turned me out”. I joined the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society and found myself enjoying the challenge of outdoor landscape painting. Continuing with workshops and self study, I eventually served as president of that organization. I’ve been painting outdoors ever since but enjoy studio work with figure and still life as well.
I started teaching several years ago, first in ceramics (a whole ‘nother story) and later in painting, my first love. Although I started with acrylics, once I was introduced to oils I never looked back! I work mostly with a pallet knife – kind of like sculpting with paint! This is my passion, my joy and I love to teach!
See more of Barbara’s work here.

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